Five Things to Look For in a Meal Replacement Bar

With so many health bars on the market it can be hard to tell which one provides the best quality nutrition.  IsaLean® Bars outshine the competition!

Most bars are either nutritionally unbalanced – not containing the right quantities of protein, carbohydrate, and fats to qualify as a meal replacement – and often are artificially sweetened, flavored, and colored.

Choosing a meal replacement bar can be overwhelming because there are so many claiming to have the perfect nutritional profile.

To help inform choices here are five things to look for in a meal replacement bar.

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  1. Low-glycemic – Low-glycemic bars ensure a steady source of energy to keep you feeling full longer.  IsaLean Bars are clinically tested to be low-glycemic.
  2. Whey protein – The type of protein used in meal replacement bars matters in a big way. Whey is shown to promote more satiety and fat loss than any other kind of protein.  Note: Plant-based IsaLean Bars are also available.
  3. Maximum nutrition, minimum calories – As a meal replacement, bars should provide the nutrition normally consumed in a healthy, balanced meal. IsaLean Bars contain healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, natural sugars, fiber, and an ample amount of high-quality proteins.
  4. Satiety – In clinical trials, consuming a meal replacement bar has shown to curb appetite and lead to safe and sustained weight loss.  IsaLean Bars are filled with high-quality protein providing increased satiety resulting in the consumption of fewer calories throughout the day.
  5. Quality – Not all health bars deliver what they claim to have in them. Isagenix adheres to a “no-compromise commitment” quality policy that ensures you are getting what you expect.

Possibly the best part about IsaLean Bars is their convenience. On the run or wherever you are that you can’t make an IsaLean Shake but need a healthy meal, IsaLean Bars are the answer.

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