Cleanse Days Schedule

Every Cleanse Day starts with essential products to help support your success during the day, like Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme, Natural Accelerator, and IsaFlush. You will also choose from Cleanse Day-approved snacks to help you manage cravings and provide steady energy while keeping calories very low.

Build Your Cleanse Day Schedule

Recommended Cleanse Day Schedule1. Recommended schedule for initial Cleanse Day:
This is the original schedule we used, which resulted in successful Cleanse Days. We found it optimal and satisfying to nourish our bodies throughout the day.
Once we developed confidence that we would be sufficiently sustained for the length of the cleanse, we started to reduce some of the IsaDelights and some of the Wafer Snacks. Optimally, less is best but the Cleanse for Life is a requirement.


Sample Cleanse Day Schedule2. Example schedule once you have experience with a variety of Isagenix Cleanse Day-approved snacks:
In addition to Cleanse for Life and Cleanse Day-approved snacks, stay hydrated with your choice of calorie-free beverages, such as plain, unsweetened coffee or tea, herbal tea, and water, throughout the day. This sample Cleanse Day schedule is just one example of how you can organize your day.


Cleanse Day Tracker3. Cleanse Day Tracker for experienced cleansers:
Cleanse days can be further personalized based on your preferences for the ultimate experience of a cleanse by using the full offering of approved cleanse day support options.
We do not recommend starting with this “tracker” approach. If you are just starting out or if you want to ensure you have a successful cleanse, we still recommend the basic cleanse at the top. Less is Best overall but just remember that Cleanse for Life is required.
Stay Strong and Cleanse On!

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