Let’s Put Those Indulgences Aside!

Ready to put all those indulgences behind you and get ready to be your healthiest self as we prepare for New Year 2020? Free Shipping going down on Boxing Day – Today Only! I’m going to do exactly that through a supported fast. Yes supported! I get to eat and drink lots of amazing foodsContinue reading “Let’s Put Those Indulgences Aside!”

No Guilt Holiday Season

Hey friends! Well the holiday season is here! Maybe you overdid it a little bit during the Thanksgiving festivities? That’s ok! We all have those special days. But now, you’re left thinking “Ahhh I don’t want to do this again.” That yo-yo holiday weight gain this year! Feeling sluggish and tired. What can I do?Continue reading “No Guilt Holiday Season”

It’s Time To Get Your Healthy On!

It has never ever been a more exciting time to get your healthy on! Why? Because the company that Charles and I keep raving about is just exploding with new innovative products that are top in the industry. Not only that but they are giving new folks an incentive to get started with offering optionsContinue reading “It’s Time To Get Your Healthy On!”