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A little about us and our healthy aging story….

Over the years, we had focused on healthy aging but it was when I attempted to help someone else address their need to drop some weight that I was introduced by a friend to Isagenix.   I love to help people, it’s just the way God made me.  So I decided that I should try some of the company products alongside my friend for encouragement and I figured that maybe it would help me too. 

See, several years ago my husband and I would periodically peruse a bookstore and many times we ended up in the cooking and healthy eating section of the store.  We had purchased a few recipe books from the South Beach Diet books, wine and food pairings books, Green for Life, Eat to Live, etc.  And though most people thought we had our diets in the right place, I was still slowly gaining a few pounds here and there and my waistline was increasing.   I was starting to feel less mobile, unsure of my movement up and down stairs, I was developing some anxiety and I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes. 

My Weight loss Fitbit Tracker
Toxins & Visceral Fat Gone!

I wasn’t quite sure of trying these “shake” things as I had never done any kind of ‘diet’ before.  Is it real food?  They said it was and that it was the best food on the planet!  So we gave it a try.  I was AMAZED with the changes I felt and experienced in just the first month.  I was down about 14 lbs. and I was beginning to fit into my favorite clothes and I felt good in them.  I just followed the instructions provided.  Have two healthy and flavorful shakes each day, enjoy two 100-150 calorie snacks of my choice each day, plus a healthy meal targeting about 650 calories.   We were already eating very healthy and I didn’t expect to get the results that I achieved.  I lost my face bloat (a.k.a Inflamation)! Increased energy, increased mental clarity, even my resting heart rate has dropped 5 beats per minute! My focus now is healthy and strong! Living my best life!

Actually, it took me some time to learn and understand exactly why this was achievable.       And after six month’s I knew I needed to tell my friends about it!  This company is tops.  They know what they are doing.  The products are all natural and clean, no pesticides, herbicides, etc.  Low glycemic, gluten free, and with dairy free options.  The shakes are perfectly balanced to provide everything our bodies need to perform and function optimally.  Macros, Micros, Vitamins, Nutrients, INCLUDING trace minerals!   When you give your body what it is literally dying for, things change.  Then add in a day or up to 4 days of supported cellular cleansing each month (depending on your goals) with amazing products that sustain you while your body releases toxins that are actually entrapped in your fat cells.  And the side benefit is that the fat cells go with the release of toxins and you are one healthier person! 

We then realized the benefits of not letting extra toxins in.  So we added in the amazingly clean coffee that I will drink for the rest of my life.  It is absolutely amazing.  Then we added in the Daily Essential vitamins with IsaGenesis because we were buying miscellaneous vitamins and supplements but didn’t truly know if they were the right amounts or if the product was delivering as intended.  But we had developed such a trust in this company and we know their quality processes and their no-compromise commitment.  And the Isa-Genesis is based on Nobel Prize Winning science that is supporting telomere health which is a marker of aging. 

Now that we feel amazing, we really want to give others visibility to this solution that we found.  We know there are others out there that have tried many things on their own and have not had success and are not feeling optimal.  People compare themselves and their health to their friends and neighbors which are also not feeling optimal.  Aging doesn’t need to look and feel this way!  That was one of the reasons we created this web-site.  My husband, Charles, loves to dabble in technology and was supporting our church with their web-site content and decided to build out our own web-site.  We use the site to share Isagenix and store recipes so we can access them quickly and share with our family and friends.  I also can get quite passionate about sharing the Gospel as I learn new things in my Bible study class and my personal study (also as kind of a repository for that too)!  

We trust that the Lord will direct those here to us that need to fuel their body and their souls!  Please let us know if we can help in anyway or if you have questions.  If you want to get started with Isagenix we have made recommendations on how to get started and you can select your starter pack and purchase through the links provided or you can contact us and I will personally talk with you on your goals and explain the amazing products.  We also provide coaching and on-going support too!

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your health and wellness journey!

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