Give your Valentine some LOVE!

How do you show your Valentine some LOVE on Valentines Day and support them on their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle? You take ACTION – thats what you do! Don’t just SAY you are supportive, SHOW it!

We all know that every Valentine loves some chocolates on Valentines Day, but in reality after the sweetness of the thoughtful and loving gesture fades away, the guilt sweeps in. Yes guilt! Do I eat all of these? Do I share them? I don’t want to share them – they are my gift and I love chocolates! Yet I’ve worked so hard!

All those feelings and thoughts after bypassing the Superbowl munchies, passing on the high calorie drink, sticking to the salad day after day, adding in an extra workout to offset all of those calories, and now these chocolates 😦

Well, let me tell you something. Here is a solution where your Valentine can have AMAZING top quality chocolates and ENJOY them too! Guilt free.

These are Belgium chocolates that taste fabulous! They have been specifically crafted to support weight wellness and a low-glycemic diet. So only 45-70 calories depending on the flavor and minimal to no sugar depending on flavor. These are customer favorites for sure!!!

There is also a Valentine’s Day promotion!

Here are the promo details:

• Use my link to purchase and receive 25 % off retail pricing for total order or even just one box! Click here to purchase at sale price

• Dates: Feb. 3-5

• Additional Savings: Buy 3 boxes of these amazing Super-Chocolate, get 1 FREE!

• Promo code: VDAY20

• Super Chocolates are individually wrapped for convenience and also are shelf stable for ~ 1yr and can be enjoyed over several months. They can be gifted individually as well !!

• All 6 flavors (Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate With Sea Salt and Caramel Flavor, Milk Chocolate With Peanut Butter Cup Flavor, Dark Chocolate with Tangerine, Dark Chocolate With Mint Flavor)

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