Performance Nutrition Livestream

We absolutely cannot believe that we are talking about a performance line of products! Who would have thought that?  But we are, and we are benefiting from them too!

Wed Oct 9-2019 Livestream

In the past, we may have taken a walk during luchtime or at one point we signed up to use the fitness center at our work place in the past, just to hop on the treadmill or stationary bike.  BUT we really were not working out or really engaged in becoming the healthiest we can be.   Basically, we were more focus on just trying to break up the day to make the work day a little less painful and be able to say that “I got in a little exercise today”.   Who can relate to that???  Probably many of you have been there too, so no judging!!!

But now! We are in a whole different place. Working to be our healthiest self and using some awesome natural and nutritious products to make our workouts a little less painful and a whole lot more productive.

If you want to check out how we are doing this, let us know as we are going to have some amazing athletes tell us how they use the same products that we are enjoying.  Taking a look at our informed sports certified workout line!

This event will be streaming live into our private Facebook community where Former MLB pitcher, Alvie Shephard, Miss Figure Universe, Suzie Martin Huening and Athlete Scott Flood will be discussing cellular nutrition benefits that BOTH professional athletes and everyday people like you and us use… and why they continue to choose this nutritional system to fuel their bodies and enhance their performance.

This is a great way to learn about this amazing nutrition if you have been curious. If you are interested in checking it out, drop us a comment or contact us and we’ll get you added for your viewing pleasure.

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