Which Starter Pack is Right for You?

We have provided a quick description of our most popular starter packs.  There are additional packs availible but our reccomendation is to start with a full system pack because the producs work synergisticaly and we want you to benefit from the wholistic program to get the best results for your investment.   We can work with you on your product selection to ensure you are getting exactly what you desire for your goals and your budget!  Do not hesitate to reach out!

We will start with our VALUE PACK. Its only $589 ($20) per day. It is the only personalized pack that includes all the essential systems in it – 83 meals, plus snacks and mineral and vitamin support. This is what we really suggest for those folks who want to recapture their health, deliver essential nutrients to fuel their bodies, and get on the right tract to age healthfully.   By the way this is the pack and the system used in Isagenix’s ground breaking Skidmore Study vs. The Heart Healthy diet.

It includes the complete basic system and also several other extremely vital components to set you up for the greatest amount of success.

It comes with delicious chocolate squares that you can have even on cleanse days, whey thins which are a high protein savory chip so you can snack without the guilt, a canister of greens which has over 30 different kinds of vegetables, herbs and botanicals that you can add to your shake. And you’ll also get a box of bars which taste like candy, a box of womens/mens vitamins and minerals which provide total nutritional support in a convenient AM & PM tear pack. These are a total game changer.

You’ll also get a box of e shots which are healthy energy drinks that will give you a focused, sustained boost, without the crash, And as an added bonus, you’re also going to get a beautiful stainless steel blender, a $75 event coupon, $25 off your next order, a free membership saving you $29, and TWO family and friends coupons saving THEM $29 each also, when we help get them started.

So, if you really want to do it right, and it works within your budget, this is hands down THE BEST recommendation. Again, It’s $589 for your first month, then you will drop down to a more basic pack from there.

Then we have our PREMIUM SYSTEM. It has meals and snacks in it and also includes the new stainless steel blender. The vitamin and mineral support is not included. We understand that it’s a bit of a compromise based upon a price point, but we’re going to support you no matter how you choose to get started. This Pak is our 2nd most popular Pak and it is $399 ($15 per day).

Then finally, there is our INTRODUCTORY BASIC PACK. It really only addresses your meals (68) as there is no snacking system included, but at only $10 a day ($299) it’s a good budget friendly option to get you started.

The FOREVER PAK is a total health and longevity system, designed to support optimal well-being and youthful aging. The Forever Pak consists of one (1) bottle of IsaGenesis™ and two (2) canisters of the IsaLean™ Shake, in chocolate, strawberry, chocolate mint, peach mango or vanilla. These Isagenix® products have been specifically formulated to create a leaner, healthier, more youthful and vibrant you.  This one comes in at only $6 per day!

And one last thing ……  After a couple of weeks on your program, naturally your friends and family are going to start noticing your results and asking what you are doing. Isagenix offers a very generous referral bonus when you share this with others. When you share with 2 friends and they decide to get started on a program, you will earn enough referral credit to pay for your next month’s order. Pretty rad right!?!

And if by chance… you who think anyone else in your household might be nibbling on the superfoods in your pantry, or if you are considering starting a business, then we have the ULTIMATE PACK. This pack is $1099. That’s not $10 and 99 cents, that’s One thousand ninety nine dollars.   This pack basically covers two complete systems.  You are going to want that $1,099 pack, the ULTIMATE PACK. And because of how its packaged, its tax deductible.

3 thoughts on “Which Starter Pack is Right for You?

  1. I have six kids, I was extremely overweight but that wasn’t why I started on these products. I actually started on a 9 day system after seeing what environmental toxicity can do to your body. And of course, six kids, 9 day system was all I thought I could afford to put into my body. On the fifth day, I knew I needed everything that was in this value pack, I was online applying for credit cards to pay for it because I knew that it was the right thing to do. 4 and a half years later I am still at a very healthy weight and I feel amazing. I initially lost 70 pounds. There are little miracles in these products, the miracles are the synergies of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that help your body do what it was designed to do which is be a miraculous healing machine.

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    1. It’s all about getting started and then when you get those “miracles” in your body for a few days, everything changes. I started with the 30 day to support a friend for accountability, never ever thinking that it was something for me. After the first month, I dropped about 13-15 lbs. went on a 3 week trip to Italy and came back without gaining it back. I was astonished, I felt fabulous too. I later added in the Daily Essentials with IsaGenesis and have been seeing the results with my energy level, my skin looks younger, I feel 10 years younger at least. 6 months in, I decided others needed to know about this solution before they give up or have major health issues!


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