Caramel Latte?

It’s here! Today is the day! Coffee? Protein? CARAMEL LATTE?! uh…yep. I will thank you very much ♥️

It has a sweet, rich caramel taste with inviting hints of gourmet coffee. You’ll swear you’re sipping your favorite beverage, except this meal replacement is packed with protein and delivers the nutrients your body craves!

Yes, it’s great for athletes and post-workout recovery, but anyone looking to build and preserve lean muscle, or needing a little something extra in the mornings to last you longer.
As we grow older our bodies need extra protein to preserve our muscle mass. Whey protein has been shown to improve immunity and antioxidant defenses and relieve inflammation.

Get ready 40’s who want to keep active.

Get ready 50’s who want to transition through menopause with ease!

Get ready 60’s who want to keep LEAN MUSCLE not loose it!
THE BRAND NEW FLAVOR has: 💪🏼36 grams high quality undenatured protein 🌱90 essential cell building nutrients 💪🏼8 live digestive enzymes 🌱High quality dense organic superfood meal
💪🏼Balanced macros
🌱 No soy or gluten 💪🏼 No artificial ingredients
🌱Non GMO
It’s ready for ordering TODAY ♥️ 💥 UNTIL IT SELLS OUT 💥

FOR ANYONE who would like this, shoot me a message or go to our products and sign up and save! Best price!

WooHoo! Starting each day fueling my body! 😍😍. #caramel #latte #fuel #leanmuscle #protein #nutrition #yummy #limitededition

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